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Sushi Served With Soy Sauce, Wasabi, Pickled Ginger, Wakame Salad and Edamame Beans

boa Plate
11 Pieces – 3x Maki – 3x Uramaki – 2x Hot Rolls – 3x Nigiri €12.90
Osaka Plate
7 Pieces – 2x Maki – 2x Uramaki – 2x Hot Rolls – 1x Nigiri €9.90
Tokyo Quick Snack
5 Pieces – 2x Maki – 1x Uramaki – 1x Hot Roll – 1x Nigiri €6.90
Vegetarian Sushi  √√  or Chicken
5 Pieces – 2x Maki – 1x Uramaki – 1x Hot Roll – 1x Nigiri €6.90
Wakame Seaweed Salad  √√
Edamame Beans  √√

√√ = Vegan

Boa Sushi

Asian Selection

Chinese Red Roast Pork
Roast Pork with Spices, served with Fried Rice and Grilled Vegetables €9.90
Indian Curry Chicken
Indian Style Curry Chicken with Vegetables, Mushrooms and White Rice €9.90
Tandoori Chicken
Classic Indian Tandoori Chicken, served with Yoghurt, White Rice and Grilled Vegetables €9.90
Bami Noodles – Vegetarian  √ / Chicken / Pork
Indonesia’s Favourite Noodles, served with Egg and Pickles €9.90
Chop Suey Vegetables  √√
Selection of Fresh Vegetables and Mushrooms in a Classic Chinese Sauce, served with White Rice €7.90
Fried Rice – Vegetarian  √ / Chicken / Pork
Chinese Style Fried Rice with Vegetables, Egg and Pickles €7.90
Gado Gado Salad  √
Indonesian Vegetable Salad with sticky Rice and a warm, spicy Peanut Sauce €8.90
Tempura Vegetables  √√
Selection of Fresh Vegetables fried in Tempura Batter with a sweet Chilli Sauce €4.90

= Vegetarian; √√ = Vegan

Prices may vary on location and are subject to change without prior notice.