About boaThe place to be

In the beginning there was…

A beautiful café bar located in Lagonissi. Right on the seaside it lay. Thus it became a popular venue due to its modern design and its quality coffees. Watching the beautiful sunsets from its terrace came to be a popular local tradition.

One sunny morning...

It was on a delightful morning in the year 2016 A.D., that two handsome princes from the North rode into Lagonissi. Their fiery stallions glistened in the sun as they strode into the main street of the quiet town. Shutters opened and people gathered as they halted and dismounted in front of the popular venue. "We received word that there was a maiden in distress", said one of the princes. The townfolk slowly drew closer and one of them, a bright looking lad, came nearer. "Our town has many fair maidens, my lord. Maybe you could enjoy a refreshment in this lovely venue while I help you to find the maiden in question", he said. "It is indeed a beautiful venue", said the other prince. So they entered the café bar followed by the lad. They were both so impressed by the place and the wonderful view, that they decided to acquire it since the proprietor was looking to sell it. The maiden in distress was never found but the princes do what they can to make all Lagonisians happy.



The boa is born...

Since that day, lots of things have changed. The menu was redesigned to include fresh herbs and vegetables, savoury snacks, tender grilled meats, dishes from near and far, mind boggling desserts, and magical coffees, cocktails, smoothies and shakes. Special events are now available throughout the year and on special holidays.

Whether one is looking for a little romance, cares to watch an astounding sunset with a loved one, just wants to have a coffee, a latte, or sink their teeth into a juicy hamburger, watch a major sports event on a big screen, enjoy socialising with friends, meet interesting people, or just relax, boa is now the place to be.


And they all lived happily ever after...

R. Windrich & A. Louis

Piano Etude - Courtesy of SoundsPlanet

Happy Hour

2 cocktails for the price of 1